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Bahrain home Reverse omosis

AQUA PRO 6 stages Reverse Osmosis RO is an advanced, reliable, effective drinking water purification system in Bahrain which uses semipermeable membrane and sediment filter to eliminate rust, coarse particles, molecules, bacteria, salt, organic chemicals and chlorine from drinking water. It converts brackish water into fresh, tasty, healthy potable water for daily consumption with its premium quality filter.

Pure Bahrain ensures the purity of potable / drinking water for the well – being of your family. Our reverse osmosis undergoes a rigorous quality control for the healthiness of your household. Once installed under sink, clean drinking water will be available at the turn of Tap.

6 Stage RO system with Pump
1st Stage: 10″ sediment prefilter
2nd Stage: 10″ GAC prefilter
3rd Stage: 10″ carbon block prefilter
4th Stage: Booster pump110/220V, 50/60Hz
5th Stage: RO membrane(50, 75, or 100GPD)
6th Stage Post inline GAC filter

Package Includes
1. Anti-scalent filter
2. Faucet
3. 4.4 gal RO tank          

4. ball valve



  • 18 Months Warranty.

  • Free Installation & Delivery all over Bahrain.

  • Free Service every 3 months & 5 BD for 3 cartridge replacement.

    Call 3306 7704 or 1749 0501