who we are

image_3Pure Bahrain Water Filter HQ is in UAE started operations in Bahrain in 2015. We are an authorized distributor of well known brand Aqua Pro, Aqua Life, Energy, Filter Pro, Pentair & Axtron.

We are specialised in Water treatment aiming to ensure healthy living in Bahrain.

our history

  • 1998 –Signed the deal with Aqua Pro Taiwan.
  • 2001 –Started to work with UAE Government.
  • 2003 –Started wholesale in UAE Market.
  • 2005 –Became one of the largest water filtration whole-seller in UAE.
  • 2008 –Completed more then 500 Major Projects.
  • 2015 –Started Operations in Bahrain.
  • 2017 – Completed 1000 satisfied customers in Bahrain.

our specialities

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our team

  • Mohammed Farooq
    Is a sales Manager in Bahrain for Pure Bahrain Shower Filters. Since 2014
  • Aaliya Tasneem
    Is an Administrator in Pure Bahrain, she is looking after all the necessary
  • Ismail Miah
    Is a Technician, having 6+ Years of experience in Water Treatment, he is
  • Sylvester George
    He is a Senior Sales Executive in Pure Bahrain connecting all the valued