Shower Filters

Shower Filter

Pure Bahrain comes up in the Bahrain with the solution to hair fall in Bahrain. There are two major causes for hair fall in Bahrain either its your diet or else the water you use in Bahrain for shower. We gurantee our shower filter removes 99% chlorine from the water.

Our Shower Filter is equipped with 6 different filtration media which makes the water chlorine free. Major Benefits of Shower filter includes, slow down skin aging, reduces risk of asthma, Skin dryness, Rashes & Skin hardness.

When you shower in hot water you also breathe in a lot of chlorine vapour (a poison gas). Up to 50% of our exposure to this harmful chemical happens in the shower!

Home Purifier

    Crystal Drop PurifierCrystal Drop 6 stages Reverse Osmosis RO is an advanced, reliable, effective drinking water purification system in Bahrain which uses semipermeable membrane and sediment filter to eliminate rust, coarse particles, molecules, bacteria, salt, organic chemicals and chlorine from drinking water. It converts brackish water into fresh, tasty, healthy potable water for daily consumption with its premium quality filter.6 Stages of Filtration1st Stage: 10″ sediment pre-filter
    2nd Stage: 10″ GAC pre-filter
    3rd Stage: 10″ carbon block pre-filter
    4th Stage: RO membrane 75 GPD
    5th Stage: Taste & Odor Filter
    6th Stage: Mineral Cartridge
    7th Stage Alkaline Filter Optional – highly recommended @ extra cost

Water Softeners

Pure Bahrain Water Softener

Water softeners are widely used around the world specially in gulf for its effectiveness in purifying water. The water softener removes magnesium and calcium minerals from your Municipality water through the process called ion exchange.

Pure Bahrain water softener uses the latest softening technology, which has a lot of benefits. Your appliances, pipes, heaters will last longer and at the same time, you will save a lot on detergents and soaps. Soft water will stop hair loss, skin allergies, premature aging, risk of asthma and gives you fresh and soft touch on each use/shower.

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