How chlorine affects your shower life?

Chlorine penetrates your body slowly and acts as a silent killer. While you are showering, you are unconsciously killing yourself by inhaling chloroform which directly affects the bloodstream. It is the main cause of cancer in several countries today but it is highly ignored. The silent killer chlorine is toxic and it is extremely reactive to your skin which is the largest organ of your body. According to Gordy Jordahl, a renown water physiologist, “When showering in warm chlorinated water for just ten minutes, chloroform is absorbed which penetrates all seven layers of the skin and destroys proteins which enters the bloodstream six times faster than when drinking chlorinated water.”Ultimately, chlorine exposure is detrimental and it is the cause for,

Chlorine Causes

  • Hair Fall
  • Fast ageing
  • Irritation of eyes and skin
  • Cancer
  • Skin dryness and rashes
  • Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Asthma

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