Jumbo Water Filter for Whole House in Bahrain

Big Jumbo Water Filtration system is the basic need for any house in Bahrain. You can install Big Filter to filter the water for your whole house. Our Jumbo water filters comes in 1, 2 & 3 Stages. Jumbo water filters are eco friendly and don’t need electricity. This ensures removal of all contaminants pollutants and turbidity. Pure Bahrain Jumbo filter has 5 micron pre filter to remove sediment as well as other biological contaminants. Jumbo filter uses a very special blend of catalyst combined to reduce compounds (VOC’s), lead and other heavy metals, cysts, E Coli, Guardia, Cryptosporidium, taste & odors.

1 Stage Jumbo filter

One Stage Jumbo filter comes with the mount and it can be mounted with the wall.

2 Stages Jumbo Filter

2 Stages Jumbo filter comes with the stand & pressure gauge as well.

3 Stages Jumbo Filter

3 Stages Jumbo filter with stand & pressure Guage.

Technical Specifications: 

In/Out: 1″

Cartridge Size: 20″ lenght & 4.5″ Diameter


All Jumbo filters comes with 2 years Warranty.


Pure Bahrain offering Free installation including pipes & fittings.

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