Facial Filter

Pure Bahrain Facial tap water filter holds twin purifier technology. The granular activated carbon and advanced multi-layer whole fiber UF membrane which trap micro contaminants like rust, cyst, bacteria, rod shape bacilli, micro-organism and microscopic impurities. Pure Bahrain facial tap water filter is specially design to fit your kitchen sink and wash basin. Municipality water need removal of bacteria and micro-organism. Pure Facial filter Eliminates residual chlorine absorb unpleasant odor.


Pure Bahrain facial tap water filter fits to all kind of tap and faucets. Its multiple accessories allow installation on every kind of tap either at home, office, salon or industry level. Reliability and Durability of these filters are amazing, Pure Bahrain facial tap water filter water purifier last up to approx.1500 litters for 6 months with back wash facility to maintain and further increase life span of cartridge filter.

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