Pure Water Softener Salt Bahrain

Pure Tablet Softener salt is one of the best and most popular in Bahrain. Our Softener Salt is of brilliant white color and comes in tablet shape. The Purity level of Pure Tablet Softener Salt is 99.5+ % which is among the best in market as per specifications. If the salt is not really pure it leaves other impurities in Water softener vessel, which results in less performance of Softner resin beeds. The chemical composition and properties of our water softener salt is backed by an ISO-9001-2008, ISO-22000-2005, HACCP, FIEO Certified Company and experienced team of chemist assuring best quality possible.

There is a misconception that water softener salt is going to flow through out the whole house. The salt is only used to regenerate the resin beeds using ION Exchange process. After the regeneration process is completed, then salt goes to drainage along with calcium & magnesium in the water.

Softener Salt is used to Regenerates the Softener Resin. Pure Tablet salt is 99.95% Pure Sodium.

Currently we are catering more then half of Bahrain Market’s salt consumption. Pure Tablet softener salt is our regular shelf item and we always keep it in stock.

Contact 33067704 – 17490501 or email info at purebahrain.com to get the softener salt.