Harmful effects of Chlorine in Bahrain Water

Most of us do not think twice before showering with water that may contain large amounts of chlorine. While chlorine is necessary to keep our water clean as it kills harmful microorganisms, there are many risks in case our body is continuously exposed to it. In this article, we will go over the most common diseases that can be contracted upon chlorine exposure and advise you on how to protect yourself.

Generally, overexposure to chlorine can damage your cells as its main purpose is to serve as a pesticide that kills living organisms. In small quantities, the presence of chlorine is virtually negligible, but in everyday life, people do not always worry about what is inside of their water before, showering or bathing. It is crucial to protect yourself and your loved ones from chlorine diseases as some of them can be even cancer-inducing and very damaging to your health. Most common infections and diseases are caused by shower water that is not chlorine-free but there are other forms of diseases that we will discuss.

Firstly, a common issue nowadays is hair damage due to swimming in pools that are always thoroughly cleaned with chlorite, however, to people who regularly expose themselves to chlorine in swimming pools or showering with water full of chlorine, it can lead to severe hair loss. A

dditionally, your hair may experience a loss of elasticity and shine as chlorine damages natural oils that preserve your hair’s health. It is worth mentioning that chlorine in municipality water can also trigger eczema which is a skin disease that is characterized by rough, red and itchy skin. It is a very common disease whose symptoms can be set off if the skin gets overexposed to chlorine.

Moving further, exposure to chlorine can cause asthma, particularly in children. Showering, bathing, and drinking chlorine-contaminated water can lead to respiratory disorders that first appear as coughs, throat soreness, and sneezing. If we want to prevent these symptoms and asthma itself, we need to use water filters or avoid drinking using water that is contaminated with chlorine.

Another common practice nowadays is to use shower filters that prevent water intoxication from chlorine by removing unhealthy chlorine substances before they are poured onto our skin. They are cheap, reliable and will make sure that your hair stays healthy and clean after showering without you needing to worry about chlorine. Pure Bahrain shower filters remove 100% of chlorine that exists in Bahrain water and are going to keep your household free from any chlorine-inducing diseases. 

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