Sustainable drinking water in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island country located in the Persian Gulf, best known for its oil production and beautiful pearls. Bahrain has seen an increase in population, tourism and industrial development that has led to a shortage of water. There is a lack of freshwater resources, coastal degradation due to oil spills and the transformation of fertile lands to deserts. Pure Bahrain team is working hard to solve the water problems in Bahrain. Creating a sustainable drinking water system accessible to those rich or poor. Pure Bahrain’s water purifiers are the game-changer by treating Bahrain’s Municipality water with reverse osmosis systems.

Drinking water Filtration process

Desalination is the process of using municipality, borewell or seawater and removing the mineral components to produce 100% fresh drinkable water. Reverse osmosis is a form of desalination that can purify large amounts of water and create equal amounts of reserves. The process of reverse osmosis is when a solvent passes through a partially permeable membrane, in the opposite direction of natural osmosis, to remove unwanted ions, molecules, and larger molecules. This process begins with a hydrostatic pressure greater than the osmotic pressure. A seawater reverse osmosis plant can provide a drinking water system that purifies large amounts of water that is readily available for use. 

The reverse osmosis plants not only create substantial drinking water systems but also can recapture energy from the process. The energy that is used to bring the water in can also be used to push the water out. Smaller plants can be installed in flats & villas in Bahrain. Advances in the process are reducing the size of the equipment used while still producing more water. 

By using Pure Bahrain drinking system you can get the fresh and crispy water by the touch of tap. The RO water is free from preservations and toxins. Decision need to be made immediately to avoid the inevitable. By choosing our water purifier you can put an end to your drinking water crisis. 

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