Water Softener Bahrain

Pure Bahrain offering Quality Water Softeners in Bahrain. Water softeners are widely used around the world specially in gulf for its effectiveness in purifying water. The water softener removes magnesium and calcium minerals from your water through the process called ion exchange. It naturally softens your water using resin. There are two cylinders containing resin that help in softening your water at home.

Pure Bahrain Water Softener

Water Softener collection

Your resin is clean each and every time automatically by your softener; the control valve automatically backwash to regenerate resin every 24 hour by the set time, in most cases it is 2 AM. The automatic control valve contributes to initial cost savings and long-term maintenance cost reduction. The microscopic hard minerals are eliminated and it renders your water soft, clear and pure. Our water softener will neutralize the minerals and they will be discarded immediately. You should not be worried at any cost as the whole process is achieved without the use of chemicals to prevent scale at the success rate of 99%. The water minerals are crystallized; as a result they will not be sticking to surfaces of your pipe or appliances.

Water Softener Bahrain

Aqua Pro Softener with Twin Jumbo filter


Our water softener uses the latest softening technology, which has a lot of benefits. Your appliances will last longer and at the same time, you will save a lot on detergents and soaps. Soft water will stop hair loss, skin allergies, premature aging, risk of asthma and gives your fresh and soft touch on each use/shower.




Water Softener Uses in Bahrain

  • Flays & Villas
  • DairiesWater softener installed in bahrain Villa
  • Laundries in Bahrain
  • Hospitals
  • Car wash
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Food Industries
  • Resorts
  • Manufacturer Facilities
  • Chemical Manufacturer
  • Apartments / complex
  • and many more other business sectors.

Water Hardness Test

Pure Bahrain Water systems are offering free water hardness test at your door step, Kindly call 17490501 or 33067704 to book an appointment.